S75 brick spot light for machine vision

Data Sheet

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Product Advantages

  • SmartVisionLink™-enabled for easy intensity adjustment
  • MultiDrive™ provides both OverDrive™ and continuous mode functionality
  • Built-in status indicators
  • Available in short wave infrared
  • Compact, low profile footprint

S75G2 Brick Light


The S75G2 spot light features an integrated Multi-Drive driver that can produce up to 300,000 lux. NPN or PNP triggers can be used to control the light for either OverDrive or continuous operation. Control light intensity via 1 – 10 VDC analog intensity line or remotely using SmartVisionLink .

Product Details

  • Illumination Type: Bright Field, Dark Field, Direct Lighting
  • IP Rating: IP50
  • Max Working Distance: 2000 mm
  • Min Working Distance: 300 mm
  • Mode: Multi-Drive™
  • SmartVisionLink: Compatible
Configuration number:

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