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S75-SCB-SWIR Smart Color Test Box


The SWIR (shortwave infrared) wavelength version of the Smart Color Box is an important tool for testing different SWIR wavelength options that work best on a vision application.

Great for field testing on a vision application or use in a vision lab. Simple to use just push the button for the desired wavelength. A SWIR camera is required when using the SWIR color box.

Product Highlights

  • Six High-Intensity LEDs – 940 nm, 1050 nm, 1200 nm, 1300 nm, 1450 nm, and 1550 nm
  • Li-ion battery with integrated charger / Up to 2 hours of operation before recharging is needed
  • Recharges in 6 hours / Includes recharging power adapter
  • Push button testing for LED on/off
  • Available with North American and European power adapters

The Right Light for Your Application

Smart Vision Lights provides a 45-day Consignment Program that is used for testing light(s) on vision applications. We also offer application and lighting evaluations. Contact us to speak with one of our lighting specialists.

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Product Details

    Configuration number: S75-SCB-SWIR-