Don’t just do more. Do it all with the
DoAll light for robotic inspection.

Multiple inspections.
Multiple spectrums.
One light.

The patented DoAll is an all-in-one solution unprecedented in its flexibility for machine vision lighting applications and automatic inspection.

DoAll light on robot arm

Replace 6 lights with one: the DoAll light

The DoAll light combines 6 products into a single multifunctional unit.

Dome light

The dome light provides diffuse illumination for electronics inspection and other final feature inspection where hot spots and shadows pose a challenge.

Low angle dark field ring light

Maximal dark field lighting for finding scratches and imperfections on flat and glossy surfaces.

Mid angle dark field ring light

An additional angle of dark field lighting for surfaces that have contour or height, like screws.

RGBW ring light

Mix red, green, blue, and white channels to create any color. The use of RGBW extends the color gamut compared to simple RGB lights and the white light can be used for color proofing.

Four-quadrant ring light

The four-quadrant ring light enables 3D photometric inspections.

NIR ring light

Extends the spectrum of the light to add non-visible image capabilities and can be used in conjunction with the RGBW ring light for multispectral applications.

Want UV? Structured light? No problem.

The DoAll, with its RGBW and NIR ring lights, has native multispectral capabilities, but it can do even more with two expansion ports for connecting auxiliary lights. Add UV lighting, spots, linear, on-axis, or structured lighting for even more possibilities. The new DoAll light gives all these functions and features in a single light enclosure and offers many options for LED colors and optics.

DoAll light for robotic inspection with auxiliary prox light
DoAll inspection light on robot arm

Complex functionality. Simple configuration.

The DoAll Controller allows for easy set up through a user-friendly interface. It has 32 unique channels which can be multiplexed. Set up the sequences and timing to direct what the light should do, when. The communication between the controller and the light will multiplex the right combination at the right time.

It is part of an advanced illumination system that includes the light and the DLM controller. The DoAll Light comes with many options including LED colors and optics.

Goodbye complexity
Before the DoAll, complex assembly inspection could require lights in multiple combinations and varying intensities and may have needed fixed lights or multiple end effectors. This could be complex to set up, difficult to fit in the space, and, when using multiple end effectors to switch lights, very slow.

Hello simplicity
The DoAll allows any combination of inspections – presence/absence, color matching, color identification, alignment, defect identification, and more – without changing the light. All this functionality is available in a compact 212 mm diameter unit with integrated camera mount and, at 1.6 kg, is within payload limits for most robotic arms.

The smart solution for automated inspections

The DoAll is ideal for highly automated robotic workcells. From large scale automotive assembly to smaller electronic assembly and everything in between, the DoAll excels at performing multiple inspections where the ideal lighting varies by each inspection type.

This groundbreaking light makes it possible to perform these inspections with one product instead of using multiple light sources. With its small footprint and integrated camera mount, the DoAll is the perfect fit for the compact spaces of robotic workcells.

It is also optimal for in-process and end of line inspections. Quality control inspections often require multiple checks on a single product which may require different lighting for each inspection. Whether it’s checking shape, size, orientation, presence/absence, or something else, the DoAll provides ideal lighting for multiple inspection types in a compact footprint, allowing fast and easy quality checks in a single workcell.

One light to do it all

Manage multiple inspections with one light. The DoAll combines 6 machine vision lights into one easy-to-use multifunctional product. For any surface, with any finish, at any angle, the DoAll provides the right light for your automated inspection.

Award-winning innovation

The DoAll light was recognized for innovation with a Platinum Award from Vision Systems Designs 2023 Innovators Awards Program. The program recognizes the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Learn more

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This product is protected by one or more of U.S. Patents 10,067,069, 11,328,380, and pending U.S. Patent Application Publication 20210299879.