Vision Technology Aids Lumber Company

Machine Vision System for Lumber Industry

Owners of lumber mills have to quickly and accurately determine how many boards can be produced from the raw lumber provided by their timber suppliers. The process of coming up with those figures has long been done manually, and was not entirely accurate.

eSolutions of Lafayette, IN, however, has developed a vision-based wood trimming system. Pike Lumber, of Akron, IN, asked eSolutions to create vision-based system to automatically perform log diameter measurement, according to a recent article in Vision Systems Design.

The system was mounted on the front of a Tigercat 240B loader, which allowed the operator to determine the diameter of each log and thus the board feet measure, with help from laser sensors and a Visionscape GigE camera from Microscan.

Because the system had to operate in many different environmental conditions, the faces of the logs were illuminated by an XR256 Series strobe light from Smart Vision Lights. According to eSolutions president Greg Hilbert, by using this illumination system and an IR bandpass filter on the camera, operators could reduce the amount of ambient lighting captured by the camera.

The article, “Forestry automation: Vision system speeds log volume analysis,” was published online Nov. 9, and can be read here.