Triniti LED Driver

Triniti Series

TRI-S75 Brick Spot Light

TRI-L300 Linear Light

TRI-R80 Ring Light

TRI-R130 Ring Light

TRI-S75 Brick Spot LightTRI-L300 Linear LightTRI-R80 Ring LightTRI-R130 Ring Light

Smart Vision Lights has partnered with Gardasoft Vision, to provide LED lighting solutions enabled with Gardasoft’s system-enabling Triniti™ technology. Triniti technology provides expert control, operational intelligence, and full integration of machine vision lighting within a plug-and-play environment. Smart Vision Lights is one of the world's most prominent machine vision product manufacturers and a leading Triniti partner for LED lighting.

The TRI Series lights are able to connect directly to the Triniti controller. These lights features an industry standard 5-pin M12 connector. Heat is dissipated through the aluminum back plate which allows for these lights to be run at a higher current allowing for greater intensity. Color availability ranges from UV to IR.

Triniti advantagesTriniti is a new, enabling technology from Gardasoft, which provides expert control, operational intelligence and full intergration of Machine Vision Lighting - all within a 'plug-&-play' environment. With Triniti, Machine Vision systems with LED Lighting are now much easier to create, configure and commission, while, at the same time, offering increased functionality. This is because complex control techniques have now been made very easy to implement.
  • Enables non-expert users to use expert Machine Vision lighting techniques.
  • Revolutionizes the integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software.
  • Addresses the industry's identified need for a highly flexible system that is also readily 'plug-&-play'.
  • Provides a stability of brightness, long-term, that helps to enhance the reliability of Machine Vision systems, over many years.
As part of the collaborative development program, Triniti deliverables include core hardware and software elements that are integrated with leading LED lights and Machine Vision software manufacturers. The GigE Vision protocol has been implemented in the Triniti Controllers so that intelligent cameras and applications and libraries which support GigE Vision or GenlCam can interface directly to Triniti Controllers.

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