SVL featured in Pattern Projector Aids Prosthetic Marker Article in VSD

Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, is pleased to be featured in the Vision System Design article entitled "Pattern Projector Aids Prosthetic Marker". This article discusses how Vorum has developed a handheld device to do 3D scans for custom prosthetics. In building this 3D scanner, Vorum picked Smart Vision Lights' Structured Light: "Using a 5-watt LED, the SP30 can be used to project any user-selectable pattern." Vorum CTO Ed Grochowski stated, "Smart Vision Lights' product offered the combination of requisite brightness, form factor, power requirements and size".

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To read the full article, visit Vision System Design's website: Pattern Projector Aids Prosthetic Marker