SVL featured in "Novel developments in LED illumination" article

Smart Vision Lights has been featured in an article published in Vision System Design. The article discusses numerous lighting methods that can be used to increase the contrast of object features.

Web applications are also benefiting from the latest developments in LED line-scan lighting. Because such applications often run at high-speed, it is critical to flood the web with the maximum amount of light as possible. Realizing this, Smart Vision Lights (Muskegon, MI, USA) has developed what it bills as the most intense and fully-focusable line light on the market. So much so that, at a recent tradeshow, attendees were required to wear a welding mask before looking at the Line High Power (LHP) Series light. Using 192 LEDs for every 300mm in length, the line light requires air or liquid cooling controlled via an external chilling system .

To read the full "Novel developments in LED illumination" article, visit Vision Systems website.