EZ Mount Ring Light Featured in: Smart robot performs vision-assisted surgery

The EZ Mount Ring Light (R130) was featured in an article published by Vision System Design, entitled "Industry Solutions: Smart robot performs vision-assisted surgery". This article discusses how robots are being tested to help with soft-tissue surgery, in place of manual or teleoperated procedure. In additional to using two cameras, one that is a NIR camera and the other a plenoptic 3D camera, a R130 EZ Mount Ring Light is used to illuminate. The R130 uses a NIR wavelength to illuminate NIRF makers placed on organs and other soft tissues to help guide the robot as it prefers its tasks. The results of using a robot and a vision system operating in the NIR wavelengths has shown some promising results, especially when it comes to consistent suture spacing and in withstanding higher leak pressures.

To read the full article, visit: "Industry Solutions: Smart robot performs vision-assisted surgery"