SICK - Direct Connect Camera to Light

SICK Inspector Camera Series

The CTL Grey Series cable provides a directly wired connection between a single light and SICK Inspector® series cameras. The light cable is designed specifically to operate with SICK camera systems and Smart Vision Lights LED products, and is plug-and-play for easy connectivity and installation.

The camera-to-light cable designed for SICK’s Inspector® series features a 12-pin M12 to “Y” 12-Pin + 5-Pin connector, and is CE- and RoHS-compliant.

Several Smart Vision Lights LED lights can be connected directly to a SICK Inspector® series camera with the CTL Grey Series cable. By using the cable and adapter part # CB-RS-SICK-ISP, SICK Inspector® series cameras can be attached to Smart Vision Lights’ S75 Brick Spot Light, L300 Linear Light, R80 Ring Light, and R130 Ring Light.

S75 Brick Spot Light

L300 Linear Light

R80 Ring Light

R130 Ring Light

S75 Brick Spot LightL300 Linear LightR80 Ring LightR130 Ring Light
Sick CameraSick Inspector Camera to Light

SICK Inspector Series

Ring lights mount directly to SICK Inspector Series camera using Adapter Part # CB-RS-SICK-ISP.

Adapter Information


Wiring for a SICK Inspector Series Camera to Single Light.
  • 12-Pin M12 to “Y” 12-Pin + 5-Pin
  • Designed for SICK Camera Systems
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Design
SICK Camera to Light cable
Download the SICK Camera Wiring Diagram .