The SmartVisionLink™ app allows you to easily control a SmartVisionLink™-enabled light. Set the light’s intensity level for the entire light or for each individual zones (if applicable). If the light is a zone light, individual zones can be turned on/off independent of each other. When communicating with a Bluetooth® module, the SmartVisionLink™ app can communicate with up six lights that are either directly connected or daisy-chained together. The SmartVisionLink™ app is able to find and allow selection(s) from multiple Bluetooth® modules that are within range.

Lights needs to be SmartVisionLink™-enabled and a BTM-1000 is required for the app to be able to communicate with a light. SmartVisionLink™ is compatible with all lights that feature NanoDrive™ technology. The app will be available soon for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

SmartVisionLink™ Bluetooth® Module

BTM-1000 Bluetooth® Module

When connected to a SmartVisionLink™ light that is SmartVisionLink™-enabled, the BTM-1000 allows for communication with that light over Bluetooth®. When a connection is made between a BTM-1000 and a light that’s SmartVisionLink™-enabled, the user is able to manage the intensity for each light or each zone in a multi-zone light using the app’s built-in intensity controller. This allows lights to be calibrated with others, making a homogeneous surface light pattern. The BTM-1000 has the ability to communicate with a light or series of lights up to 20 meters away, reducing the need for downtime of a production line. The BTM-1000 also improves workplace safety because workers do not need to be elevated to make adjustments.

SmartVisionLink™-Enabled Lights

The following lights are SmartVisionLink™-enabled lights that are compatiable witht the BTM-1000 Bluetooth® Module.