Control your machine vision lighting with your smartphone

Remotely Manage, Configure, and Store Settings with SmartVisionLink™ 

Easily control your light with the SmartVisionLink app on an Android or iPhone smartphone. Set intensity for the entire light or for individual zones. Switch between continuous and OverDrive modes. A SmartVisionLink-enabled light, a bluetooth module, and the free app are all you need.

SmartVisionLink app screen


Connect with Bluetooth

Connect your light to a SmartVisionLink Bluetooth® Module, then pair your phone to the Bluetooth Module and you’re ready to go.

Control Your Lights

Communicate with up to six lights that are either directly connected or daisy-chained together. Set the intensity level for the entire light or for individual zones.

Continue Your Day

With fast, easy lighting adjustments, you’re able to move on with the rest of your day.

Why Use SmartVisionLink?

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Adjust lighting without having to shut down your production line.

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Use your phone and a bluetooth connection for fast, easy adjustments.

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Keep both feet on the ground and avoid hard-to-reach places while adjusting your lights.

Get Started

The Right Lights

Lights need to be SmartVisionLink-enabled. SmartVisionLink is compatible with all lights that feature NanoDrive technology, like the LZE300 direct connect linear light with zones and the LCZE300.

LZE300 light from Smart Vision Lights

Bluetooth Module

The Smart Vision Lights Bluetooth Module connects your phone to the light, allowing for communication between them. The module has the ability to communicate with a light or series of lights up to 20 meters away. Learn more about the BTM-1000 Bluetooth Module.

BTM-1000 SmartVisionLink<sup>™</sup> Module

Get the App

The free app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Use it to configure your lights and save your settings.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play - SmartVisionLink app


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