Smart Vision Lights’ Quality

Our purpose is to produce the highest quality product at the lowest cost and to deliver that product on time.

The Smart Vision Lights Enterprise

The Smart Vision Lights Enterprise (SVLE) is a daily pursuit of Better! We become better by eliminating waste through every process within our value stream due to the active participation of the entire Smart Vision Lights team.

The Smart Vision Lights Enterprise


Values are the foundation of the Smart Vision Lights enterprise. Just like any structure, if we didn’t have a solid foundation – Core Values – Smart Vision Lights would collapse. Find out more about our Core Values in detail and why they are so important to our company.


Our Leadership Team plays a huge role within our company. Not only do they lead their individual teams, but they also serve as coaches by molding those they oversee to ensure that they are successful and grow as individuals. The Leadership Team believes their purpose is to make it easier to succeed than to fail.

Facility: Equipment, 5S’s, Safety

Smart Vision Lights is very fortunate to have been able to move into a beautiful new facility recently, and we definitely recognize this as an important level of the Smart Vision Lights enterprise.

Along with our facility, our equipment is essential to our enterprise. Without our in-house lab, shop and equipment, we wouldn’t be able to produce our products and serve our partners and customers the way that they deserve.

We have recently started to enact the 5S’s to help streamline our practices and become more efficient in our day-to-day routines. If you are not familiar with these, below is a summary.

Definition of the 5S’s Plus Safety

Sort – Sort, from the workplace, what is needed from what is not needed. General criteria: If it wasn’t used in the last 30 days, or it will not be needed in the next 30 days, store it away from the work-site. Use the “Red Tag” technique to remove items from the workplace.

Set in Order – Find a place for everything and put everything in its place. Mark and label everything so that it can be easily found and easily put away.

Shine – Clean the area and the equipment. Use a “ceiling down” strategy. Paint if necessary. Develop strategies to prevent items from getting dirty.

Standardize – Standardize the use of the first three S’s by developing 5S checklists (work standards) for all areas. Checklists should include a picture of what the area should look like.

Sustain – Make the first four S’s a habit and part of the plant’s culture. Use an audit team to evaluate and grade the 5S implementation throughout the plant.

Safety is the final item on this list. It is clearly important to make sure that everyone always feels safe while at work and Smart Vision Lights has started taking even bigger steps to make sure everyone is safe at all times.

Level Production

The next tier of the Smart Vision Lights enterprise model is level production. This is where we make products that our partners and customers have requested. If we couldn’t create and build these products, Smart Vision Lights would cease to exist.

In-Station Production Check and Just In Time

These are our two pillars of our enterprise. In-Station Production Check is when our team members check the product that has just been built to ensure that it works as it is supposed to. Just In Time refers to our commitment to on-time delivery of our products to their destination. Right Product – Right Quality – Right Time


At the heart of our enterprise is our team. Our team really is just that. We all work together to do all we can to deliver what has been promised to our partners and customers. We want good quality and innovative products built and shipped out on time, because that is what our customers deserve. To do this each and every day, our team works as one.

Key Measures

The next tier up are our key measures. Data is king, no matter what business you are in; and that is true for us as well. We track all of our key performance indicators (KPIs) and enact problem solving and procedures that may be needed.

Strategic Planning

At the very top of our enterprise is strategic planning. We have a one-page plan strategy and goals and actions to plan for the future. To achieve our goals to grow the business the way we want to, we need to set out a strategic road map of how we are going to achieve our goals.