SXP80 Projector Spotlight

The SXP80 Series Projector Light offers the most intense projected pattern offered in LED. The SXP80 delivers a high-intensity beam, allowing for the projection of small pattern features over large distances while maintaining the brightness typical to near-field applications. Smart Vision Lights’ newest high-speed, high-output driver technology, along with forced-air cooling, the SXP80 output far surpasses that of our standard model structured light projectors. Multiple interchangeable pattern styles are available, along with optional custom patterns. With the ability to produce a thinner and more defined pattern of light comparable to the intensity of laser projectors but without the speckle, the SXP80 is an ideal solution for many types of structured lighting applications. The SXP80 Series Projector Light features Multi-Drive™, which allows the light to operate in continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode, depending on wiring.

Product Details

  • NanoDrive™ delivers full power to the light in 500 nanoseconds or less
  • 5-pin M12 quick connect
  • SmartVisionLink™ enabled to allow for easy intensity adjustment in both continuous and OverDrive™ strobe modes
  • PNP and NPN trigger signal input
  • Multiple interchangeable patterns
  • Standard optics provides tight focused light
SXP80 Projector Spotlight


SmartVisionLink™ provides a way for a light to communicate with an app on a mobile device or tablet. This technology allows users to adjust the intensity of the light in both continuous operation and OverDrive™ strobe mode. By connecting the BTM-1000 Bluetooth® module to a light that is SmartVisionLink™ enabled, a user can adjust parameters for the light. The SmartVisionLink™ app is available free to download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.


NanoDrive™ Logo

To keep up with faster image acquisition by high-speed cameras, lighting applications require light sources to reach full intensity in a shorter amount of time. To meet this demand, the NanoDrive™ has been developed to deliver full power to a light in 500 nanoseconds or less. The NanoDrive™ is designed to allow tens of amps to reach the LEDs within nanoseconds, resulting in a light reaching its full LED power/light intensity within that time frame. NanoDrive™ technology is patent-pending.


Standard patterns available. The patterns are interchangeable.

SXP80 Patterns

Custom Patterns

SXP80 Patterns

Custom patterns can be etched to meet your needs.

Custom patterns specifications

  • Square pattern boundaries: 8 mm maximum width/height
  • Round pattern boundaries: 11 mm maximum diameter
  • Minimum Feature size: 20 microns

CAD Drawings for the SXP80 Projector Spotlight

All DXF/STEP files are saved in a zip folder for easy downloading

Wavelength Colors

The SXP80 Projector Spotlight is available in the following wavelength colors. Additional wavelengths available upon request.SXP80 Projector Spotlight - Wavelength Options


SXP80 Mount

Each side of the light features a T-slot for easy mounting.

Part Number

SXP80 Part Number Scheme