Structure Light Pattern



Smart Vision Lights offers these standard projector patterns. If you need a different pattern, we can customize one for you. Patterns are interchangeable.

Part Number Pattern Description
SP-PO-1LN Line
SP-PO-8x8GRID Grid
SP-PO-CH Cross
SP-PO-8LN Multiple Line
SP-PO-HS Half Sphere
SP-PO-1LN-.05 Thin Line
SP-PO-CB50 Chessboard 50×50
SP-PO-CB100 Chessboard 100×100
SP-PO-RA Right Angle
SP-PO-FS Full Sphere

The Right Light for Your Application
Smart Vision Lights provides a 45-day Consignment Program that is used for testing light(s) on vision applications. We also offer application and lighting evaluations. Contact us to speak with one of our lighting specialists.

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