OverDrive Series for Machine Vision Lighting

OverDrive™ Series of strobe machine vision lights

OverDrive™ has an integrated strobe (pulse) driver for complete LED light control. OverDrive™ strobe mode offers significantly more intensity than lights operating in continuous operation. NPN and PNP signal trigger inputs are used for easy integration with today's smart cameras for faster imaging and capture/freeze motion on high-speed lines. OverDrive™ offers SafeStrobe™ technology to protect the operation of LEDs. This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LEDs are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits, which could cause premature degradation and failure. Excessive heat is managed by limiting the duty cycle of the light and regulating the current delivered to the LEDs.

OverDrive™ Features

  • 5000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)
  • Intensity control (on some light/driver models)
  • High intensity LEDs
  • SafeStrobe™ technology ensures protected operation of LEDs
  • Significantly brighter than continuous operation
  • High Speed >> Fast Response
  • NPN and PNP signal trigger

ODSX30 - Prox Light
2nd Generation

ODSXA30 - Prox Light
2nd Generation

Washdown light which include the OverDrive feature

OverDrive Lights Product Demo Videos

High Speed Camera – 5000fps
Light - ODS75 operating at 5000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)

High Speed Camera – 2000fps
Light – ODS75 operating at 2000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)