LZE300 Bar Light

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LZE300 Linear Light

The LZE300, a SmartVisionLink™-enabled linear light, has the same features and functions as the LXE300, with the addition of communication with a SmartVisionLink™ managing device, such as the BTM-1000. When the LZE300 is connected to the BTM-1000, its intensity can be fully controlled, either for the entire light or for each of the three LED zones. Individual zones may also be turned off. Daisy-chain or directly connect up to six LZE300s within a single string of lights to create 18 individual zones with adjustable intensity levels. The standard LZE300 has a 12 LED configuration.

*Recommended illumination usage: Bright Field, Direct Lighting and Dark Field

Product Details

  • Direct connect up to six lights in a line without loss of uniformity
  • SmartVisionLink™-enabled to allow for easy intensity adjustment in both continuous and OverDrive™ strobe modes
  • Ability to control intensity for the entire light or for each of three LED zones
  • Standard LZE300 has a 12 LED configuration
  • NanoDrive™ allows the light to be fully on in less than 500 ns in continuous operation and OverDrive™ strobe mode
LZE300 Linear Light

Zone Configuration

LZE Light Zones

The LZE300 is divided into three zones. Each zone intensity level can be set independent of the other zones using the SmartVisionLink™ app and controller, such as the BTM-1000 (Bluetooth® module). Standard LZE300 lights have four LEDs per zone while the enhanced version has eight LEDs per zone.

Understanding Zones

The LZE300 is a light that is SmartVisionLink™-enabled and is designed so intensity can be adjusted using the SmartVisionLink™ app. The LZE300 has three built-in zones, allowing for each zone intensity to be set independent of the other zones. Individual zones can also be turned off. Being able to adjust zones within a single light can help reduce hot spots and ensure even uniformity across a string of lights.

LZE300 Zones


SmartVisionLink™ provides a way for a light to communicate with an app on a mobile device or tablet. This technology allows users to adjust the intensity of the light in both continuous operation and OverDrive™ strobe mode. By connecting the BTM-1000 Bluetooth module to a light that is SmartVisionLink™ enabled, a user can adjust parameters for the light. The SmartVisionLink™ app will soon be available for download.


NanoDrive™ Logo

To keep up with faster image acquisition by high-speed cameras, lighting applications require light sources to reach full intensity in a shorter amount of time. To meet this demand, the NanoDrive™ has been developed to deliver full power to a light in 500 nanoseconds or less. The NanoDrive™ is designed to allow tens of amps to reach the LEDs within nanoseconds, resulting in a light reaching its full LED power/light intensity within that time frame. NanoDrive™ technology is patent-pending.

CAD Drawings for the LZE300 Linear Light

All DXF/STEP files are saved in a zip folder for easy downloading

Wavelength Colors

The LZE300 Linear Light is available in the following wavelength colors. Additional wavelengths available upon request.LZE300 Linear Lights - Wavelength Options


LZE-300 Mount

Four (4) screw holes are located on the bottom of the light for easy mounting. Four (4) mounting screws are included with the LZE300 Linear Light.

Direct Connect vs. Daisy Chain

Direct Connect

LZE300 lights allow for connecting lights together with no additional cables. Lights are directly connected together, with no space between the lights.

LZE300 Direct Connect

Daisy Chain

Daisy chain allows for a standard 5PM12 jumper cable to be used to connect LZE300 lights together. Lights are able to be spaced apart from each other.

LZE300 Daisy Chained Connect

Part Number

LZE300 Part Number Scheme