JWL150 machine vision light
JWL150 machine vision light front view
JWL150 machine vision light back view

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Product highlights

  • Compatible with many machine vision cameras
  • Direct connect and control through camera's trigger output
  • Batwing design illuminates larger area than built-in lighting systems
  • Compact, integrated package made of robust aluminum
  • Mount camera directly to the light



More light in less space
The JWL150 is an intense, compact light source to provide external illumination for machine vision cameras or smart cameras where the built-in illumination is not enough.

Camera integration
Connect the JWL150 directly to camera housings through optional mounting plates to get the light you need in a small footprint. The JWL is compatible with many machine vision cameras and can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output.

The options you need
With a working distance from 500 mm all the way to 2000 mm, the JWL offers high intensity light even at longer distances. The built-in Multi-Drive™ driver offers both continuous operation and OverDrive mode in the same light.

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Product Details

  • Illumination Type: Bright Field, Direct Lighting
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Min Working Distance: 500 mm
  • Max Working Distance: 2000 mm
  • Mode: Multi-Drive™
  • SmartVisionLink: Compatible
Configuration number: JWL150-MD

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