Vision System Camera Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters allow you to control what your camera is seeing with greater contrast and a higher transmission for a reduced cost when compared to the conventional interference filter. Ideal for LED or laser diode application use. Common bandpass stock ranges from 25.5, 27, 30.5 and 46mm.

FS03-BP470 | Blue Bandpass Filters

The FS03-BP470 is a very common filter and is recommended for allowing Blue (470nm) light to pass through. The useful range for this filter is between 430nm-490nm.

BP470 Bandpass Filter

FS03-BP505 | Cyan Bandpass Filter

The Cyan Bandpass is specifically designed to be matched with Cyan LED's. The useful rang for the Cyan filter is between 470nm-515nm.

BP505 Cyan Bandpass Filter

FS03-BP525 | Green Bandpass Filter

The FS03-BP525 filter is used to allow green light to pass through. Mainly used for Green LED's. The useful range for this filter is between 500nm-540nm.

BP525 Green Bandpass Filter

FS03-BP590 | Amber Bandpass Filter

The Amber bandpass filter is most commonly used for Amber or Orange LED's. The useful range for the FS03-BP590 filter is between 580nm-610nm.

BP590 Orange Bandpass

FS03-BP635 | Red Bandpass Filter

One of the most common filters, the FS03-BP635 is recommended for Red (625nm) LED's. The useful range for the bandpass is between 620nm-660nm.

BP635 Red Bandpass

FS01-BP635 | Red Colorpass

Used to allow Red light to pass through Allows better angle of acceptance.

BP850 Red Colorpass

FS03-BP660 | Deep Red Bandpass Filter

The FS03-BP660 is used for darker reds in lighting systems. The useful range for the Deep Red filter is between 650nm-680nm.

BP660 Dark Red Bandpass

FS01-BP660 | Deep Red Colorpass

Used for darker Red LED’s More effective when high angle into camera.

BP660 Deep Red Colorpass

FS03-BP850 | IR Bandpass Filter

The Infrared bandpass filter is used to improve and maximize contrast when using IR LED's. The useful range for the FS03-BP850 is between 840nm-870nm.

BP850 IR Bandpass

FS03-PLR | Polarizer Filters

The Linear Polarizer comes with a rotating locking screw to keep the polarizer in place and to maximize the versatility. The Polarier filter is most common used is to eliminate glare.

Polarizer Filter

Filter Kits

Machine Vision Filter Kits

The Smart Vision Lights Filter Kit offers a variety of imaging filters that are designed and manufactured for the most demanding machine vision applications. Imaging filters are used to improve or enhance the object under inspection. Smart Vision Lights filters are optimized for use with LED lights. Filters are available in multiple sizes and threads for easy mounting on standard machine vision lenses.

Each kit includes:

  • 7 Dichroic filters and 2 Colorpass ranging from 470nm-850nm
  • 1 Polarizer filter with locking screw
  • The Kit comes in 27mm filters with 2 adapters rings, 25.5mm and 30.5mm
  • Comes with transmission charts and curves detailing each bandpass filter and polarizer

Part numbers

Filters are designated by creating a part number which specifies the type of filter desired, coupled with the size required. For example: FS03-BP660-25.5 is the number for the 660nm bandpass filter for use with lenses having 25.5mm (M25.5xP0.5) filter threads.

Filter Part Number