External Chillers



External cooling allows LHPX-LC lights to achieve unparalleled output of up to 10 million lux in continuous operation. European versions available.

External Chillers Available:

Part Number Description
LHP-CHL-005 50 W, 110V, CW3000-DG, 110V AC (North America)
LHP-CHL-02 1500 W, 110V, CW5200, 110V AC (North America)
LHP-CHL-03 3100 W, 110V, CW6000DN, 110V AC (North America)
LHP-CHL-04 4240 W, 230 V, CW6000DN, 110V AC (North America)
LHP-CHL-01-EU (Europe)
LHP-CHL-03-EU (Europe)
LHP-CHL-04-EU (Europe)

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