DADL75 - Dual-Axis RGB LED Light

DADL75 - Dual-Axis RGB LightThe DADL75 Series was designed as a multicolor inspection light with a built in individual On-Axis and Off-Axis intensity control. Its exceptional uniformity and an intense output design makes the DADL75 Series a perfect lighting solution for applications that require variable intensities with multiple color options or any product inspection process involving a highly reflective finish.

DADL75 Series

  • 12 Pin M12 Quick Disconnect
  • Driver Built In – No External Wiring To A Driver
  • NPN or PNP Signal Options
  • +24VDC and GND Hook-Up
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode
  • Variable Intensity Control On Each R,G,B Channel
  • RGB Color Select Ability - 3 Analog Channels Per Axis
  • Both ON and OFF-Axis Illumination Options
  • Controller is great for testing and lab setup
GRD-R80 LED Ring Light

CAD Drawings for the DADL75 Dual-Axis RGB Light

ProductFile Format
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Light Output Analysis

DADL75 on-axis and off-axis LED light output analysis

Colors Options

The DADL75-RGB is an on-axis and off-axis selectable 75mm dome light with the ability to project red, green, or blue as well as mix any color for easy integration into any application.on-axis and off-axis selectable 75mm dome light colors


DADL75 on-axis and off-axis LED light wiring scheme

Product Key

DADL75 on-axis and off-axis LED light - Product Key