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DoAll light for machine vision

Multiple inspections. One light. It’s called the DoAll, and it really can do it all.

Unprecedented flexibility

The patented DoAll light is an all-in-one solution unprecedented in its flexibility for machine vision illumination applications. Combined in a single unit are a dome light, two angles of dark field illumination, and a four-quadrant, multispectral ring light.

The DoAll is particularly useful for robotic and other flexible automation systems.

Ring light
The ring light has red, green, blue, white and 850 nm NIR channels which can be mixed for any color or VIS + NIR inspections.

Dome light
The dome light provides diffuse illumination for electronics inspection and other final feature inspection where hot spots and shadows pose a challenge.

Dark field ring lights
The two angles of dark field ring lights provide versatility and can illuminate a wide range of scenes, ranging from fine surface textures to larger features such as screws.

Four-quadrant ring light
The four-quadrant ring light enables 3D photometric inspections.

One light to do it all

The new DoAll light gives you all of these functions and features in a single light enclosure. Initially designed to be mounted at the end of a robotic arm, the DoAll includes multiple ports for connecting auxiliary lights such as spots or linear lights. It is part of an advanced illumination system that includes the light, a sequencing controller, a 4ZMD (four zone) LED driver, and cables. The DoAll Light comes with many options including LED colors and optics.

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Compact, powerful, compatible. Get more light in a compact unit.

Easy to connect

Connect this batwing-style external light directly to camera housings through optional mounting plates. The JWL150 is compatible with most common major machine vision cameras and can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output.

Designed to give you more light

The batwing design allows the external light system to illuminate a larger area than built-in lighting systems, which are typically constructed in a ring or square format, while also helping to avoid hot spots. Greater output means the JWL150 provides additional illumination to combine with polarizers, diffusers, and other optical elements that reduce light output. The JWL150 is suited to many common machine vision applications with particular applicability for high-speed conveyors that need illumination at longer stand-off distances.


RTF tunable ring light for machine vision

Get wireless control with incredible brightness.

Three projection angles with wireless adjustability

With three projection angles to cover from wide to narrow areas and wireless control, the RTF is extremely flexible and incredibly bright. Select from three rows of LED chips, each with a different lens for controller light output (10-, 30-, and 50-degree light emission). The 200 mm wide square enclosure offers nearly twice the amount of light as its LTF counterpart due to the number of LED chips.

When combined with Smart Vision Lights BTM-1000 Bluetooth module for wireless control, users can quickly select one or more light channels, changing the light coverage area and intensity while also leveraging the camera for light trigger and control. Common applications for the RTF include logistics, robotics, and other applications where a ring light form factor is used.

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