Led lights featuring NanoDrive™ technology are so fast that the turn “on” for full power/intensity is negligible when cameras image in microseconds

Lighting applications today require light sources to reach full intensity in a shorter time to keep up with faster image acquisition by high-speed cameras. To meet this demand, Smart Vision Lights has developed a driver capable of delivering full power to a light in 500 nanoseconds or less. The NanoDrive™ is designed to allow tens of amps to reach the LEDs of the light within nanoseconds, resulting in a light reaching its full LED power/ light intensity within that time frame. This patent-pending technology is featured in most new Multi-Drive™ and OverDrive™ products developed by Smart Vision Lights starting in 2019. Multi-Drive™ lights use a constant current driver that allows for continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode.

High-Speed Imaging

High-speed inspection requires fast image acquisition or a short image exposure. Image acquisition requires lighting to be strobed at a rapid rate, providing enough light to “freeze” an image properly with little to no pixel blur. Lights built using NanoDrive™ technology are able to rapidly reach full intensity in nanoseconds when strobing, allowing for a very short image acquisition time and helping to minimize or remove ambient lighting.

When using a high-speed camera, area scan and line scan applications, such as height speed inspection line, will benefits form faster lighting.

Strobe Rate Formula

High Number of Strobes per Second

Lights featuring NanoDrive™ allow for a very short image acquisition time. The very short “On” time is comparable to the “Off ” time of the light, allowing for an increase in the number of strobes the light can produce per second. When a light featuring NanoDrive™ is configured to a 1-microsecond pulse width and a 10% duty.

Products Featuring NanoDrive™

Smart Vision Lights is including the NanoDrive™ technology in most new products equipped with Multi-Drive™ and OverDrive™. Multi-Drive™ allows for a single light to use either continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode, depending on wiring configuration.


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