IR Lighting for Machine Vision Lights

Machine Vision InfraRed lightingIR wavelengths of 850nm and 940nm (also called NIR – Near InfraRed) are commonly used in machine vision. IR can help reduce color of objects. IR can reduce glare and reflections. IR has a longer wavelength than visible light which usually results in a greater transmission of light into a material. A high transmission can result in IR transmitting thru materials like paper, cloth and plastic. This makes IR a good light source for inspecting fill levels in packaging. IR wavelengths react differently on materials and coatings than visible light. Certain defects and flaw detection can be identified with IR where visible light did not work. Testing IR on your part may be the solution. We recommend using our OverDrive series lights to meet your IR Lighting needs.

Exposure of the IR Light

Machine Vision IR lightingApplication: The inspecting of Blueberries for Japanese Beetles. IR backlight is used to transmit through the berries leaving only the beetles to absorb the IR wavelength. Even beetles under blueberries can be located. The images show that IR can be used to pass through the blueberries.

IR Light vs White Light

IR lightWhite light

IR light is used to remove the printed date code and highlight the heater band so it can be inspected.