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Matt Pinter Named Lakeshore Innovator of the Year Honoree

Muskegon, Mich., April 24, 2019 —Smart Vision Lights founder Matt Pinter was recently named as an Innovator of the Year honoree by the Muskegon Innovation Hub. The Muskegon Innovation Hub is a business innovation center that provides business incubation, co-working space, funding assistance, events and programming.


Smart Vision Lights' Featured in Vision in Action

Muskegon, Mich., April 22, 2019 —Smart Vision Lights was featured in a recent issue of Vision in Action. In this article, entitled “World class exhibition,” they featured a number of our lights:


Smart Vision Lights' Camera-to-Light Cables Featured in Assembly Magazine

Muskegon, Mich., April 15, 2019 —All three of these Camera to Light (CTL) cables provide a directly wired connection between a bright LED light and an advanced Cognex camera for industrial applications.

Read the full article at Assembly Magazine...

Camera-to-Light Cables


PAL Lighting Featured in Quality Magazine

Muskegon, Mich., April 5, 2019 —Lighting selection and setup play a critical role in the success of a machine vision application. Vision systems rely on specific types of lighting to optimize contrast or to highlight a specific feature of interest. Developing an effective lighting system can be a difficult task, requiring the testing of multiple types of lights and cameras. Patterned area lighting (PAL) simplifies some of these difficult imaging problems on reflective, transparent or semitransparent materials by combining 2D and 3D qualitative methods into one image.


LM45 Mini-Linear Lights Used in Butterfly Valve Inspection

LM45 Mini Linear LightA Tier 1 supplier of automotive exhaust system components needed to automate defect detection on a butterfly valve. SVL partner Neff Group Distributors developed a machine vision inspection system that uses two LM45 lights from our Mini Linear product family. The bright, compact lights withstand the rugged metalworking environment in which they are installed. Plus, both lights are easily controlled with one output from the smart camera.


Smart Vision Lights Featured Article in Machine System Design

Smart Vision Lights is excited to be featured in Machine System Design magazine and their website. "Machine vision inspects solar panels at high-speed", written is co-written by Matt Pinter, head engineer at Smart Vision Lights discusses inspecting of solar panels for any chips, cracks, bus-bar gaps or ink stains are present.


Smart Vision Lights Donation Illuminates LSSU Engineering Capstone Project

As a four-student engineering team at Lake Superior State University discovered, ambient lighting rarely fits the bill for sophisticated vision applications. Tasked with designing a vision-guided robotic automated validation system for their senior project, the team quickly realized their designs wouldn’t perform to specification without powerful, glare-reducing lights.


SVL Light Panel Used for Tracking Invertebrate Speed

Exploratory speed drives species’ interactions with their environment, from escaping predators to finding mating partners. Most studies have focused on vertebrate speed and how it scales with body mass, but researchers recently used automated image-based tracking to characterize the exploratory speed of 173 invertebrates. The team recorded the animals’ movement in an environmental chamber, illuminated by an SVL infrared LED light panel.


Ultraviolet Light Reveals What Visible Light Overlooks

In a recent article published in Vision Systems Design magazine, Smart Vision Lights' head of engineering, Matt Pinter, explains how much more effective ultraviolet light can be when used during inspection processes compared to visible light. Read more at:

EZ Mount Ring Light Featured in: Smart robot performs vision-assisted surgery

The EZ Mount Ring Light (R130) was featured in an article published by Vision System Design, entitled "Industry Solutions: Smart robot performs vision-assisted surgery". This article discusses how robots are being tested to help with soft-tissue surgery, in place of manual or teleoperated procedure. In additional to using two cameras, one that is a NIR camera and the other a plenoptic 3D camera, a R130 EZ Mount Ring Light is used to illuminate.



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