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SVL’s 2013 Lighting Application Winner is Clara Dunning

Congratulations Clara! Your example using two DLP-300x300-WHI lights, in a very unique pick and place vision guided robotics application, has been chosen as the winning application of our contest. Clara is a Marketing Manager at ControlVision. Her company specializes in machine vision and robotics out of Auckland New Zealand. For being chosen as the best application in the contest she will receive the $1,000 grand prize from Smart Vision Lights, an SVL poster for being in the top 10, and two $20 gift cards for submitting two applications into the contest.

New Product - Direct Connect Linear Lights

Smart Vision Lights would like to take this opportunity to announce two new innovative products to our linear light family. Our all new modular designed LX150 & LX300 offer unique features to the market of linear light arrays never seen before. We are proud to reveal that our LC300 Linear was featured in the January issue of Vision Systems Design. Matt Pinter, Engineering Director at SVL, has posted a tech note on the useful properties of IR lighting (IR Lighting 101).


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