Matrox Camera to Light

EZ Mount Ring Lights

  • Can also be mounted by T-Slot with T-nut
  • High Output LED’s housed in small industrial housing
  • Built-in smart driver with NPN & PNP control
  • Intensity control by analog 0-10VDC or integrated pot
  • Industrial Standard M12 style quick disconnect

More information on the EZ Mount Ring Lights can be found on the EZ Mount Ring Light page.

Mini Ring Lights

  • Built-in Multi-Drive™ constant current driver that allows the light to operate continuously or in OverDrive™ strobe mode
  • 5-pin M12 Quick Disconnect Cable
  • Over-Current Protection
  • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode

More information on the Mini Ring Lights can be found on the Mini Ring Light page.

Matrox Iris GTR Smart Cameras

Matrox® Iris GTR smart cameras feature dust-proof, immersion-resistant, and rugged construction for a variety of machine vision applications.

Smart Vision Lights offers illumination solutions directly mountable to the Matrox Iris GTR using an adapter (part # DF55-46).

Adapter Drawing

Adapter Data Sheet