SVL Demos Captivate Taipei Automation Show Attendees

When it comes to machine vision lighting, seeing is believing. SVL distribution partner JM Vistec exhibited three distinct demos of our lights at the 2018 Taipei International Industrial Automation Show, drawing big interest from attendees. Here’s what was on display:

Demo 1: SVL + SVS-Vistek 

SVL demo

Purpose: To show SVL lights driven directly by the camera and without any other controller. Working demo uses three different colors of SVL Mini Ring Lights — RM75-470, RM140-625, and RM140-WHI — to quickly inspect sample defect on different spectrum color.

Demo 2: SVL + Hyper Focus

demo 2

Purpose: To show SVL S75 Brick Light application on the Hyper Focus system.

Demo 3: SVL + ISVI

demo 3

Purpose: To show SVL dual lighting solution on big-frame CCD (50M pixels) with high magnification telecentric lens application. The LXE300-WHI Linear light is set on OverDrive™ mode and TSLOT Extrusion light is used for constant lighting to inspect the sample.