Water Bottle Cap Seal and Fill Inspection

Water Bottle Cap Seal and Fill Inspection

Description of Application

The subject of this application is to inspect multiple objectives on a bottled water product. The inspection includes the verification of an ink based lot & date code, presence of the bottle cap, the proper application of the bottle cap, the safety seal, and fill level.

Side View of Setup for Bottle Cap and Level Inspection

Setup for Bottle Cap and Safety Seal Inspection:

Illumination: SOBL-150x150-850 150mm x 150mm (6"x6") active area LED Back Light Download PDF version of Application
Filter: BP850
Lens Working Distance: 19 ½" from the Tip of the Lens to the Inspection Area of the Part
Light Working Distance: 3" from the Front of the Light to the Side of the Part
Horizontal Field of View: 3" square


The Inspection for the bottle cap, level fill, and safety seal are clearly visible to the camera with a back light placed behind the bottle. With this arrangement the system can easily pass correctly fitted caps, proper safety seals, and view fill levels. Improperly fitted caps, questionable safety seals, and inaccurate fill levels will be failed by the vision system.

Product Images

Image 2: Proper Fill, Proper Cap Insertion, Good Safety Seal
Image 3: Bad Safety Seal
Image 4: Bottle Cap Missing
Image 5: Improper Bottle Cap Insertion
Image 6: Improper Bottle Cap Insertion