Semiconductor Inspection

Semiconductor Inspection Application

Description of Application

The goal of this application is to view the alignment and presence or absence of adhesive pads on an electronic component. The inspection must ensure the 7 pads are correctly applied and not skewed in any way.

Product Images

motor oil bottles inspection diagram

Illumination: SB75-625 [75mm Spot Light 625nm Red - "Brick Back Light"]
Light @ 60 Deg. Angle Across Part
Filter: BP635
(A) Lens Working Distance: 8"
(B) Light Working Distance: 8"
(C) Horizontal Field of View: 6"

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By using red light we can make the pads appear bright white. The green surface background, on which the pads sit, appears very dark. Since red is an opposing color of green, the background appears very dark. This enhances the robustness of the application by maximizing contrast between the pads and the background. By diffusing the light we can eliminate reflections and move the electrical component closer to the camera. This reduces the footprint of the application and simplifies things.

Application Images

Good part with all pads in location and not skewed.
Bad Part-Some pads missing some skewed
Bad Part- half of the pads are missing
Bad Part – 1 Pad is skewed.