Palletizing/Packaging - Pick & Place

Palletizing/Packaging - Pick and Place - Robotic Machine Vision Application

Description of Application

The goal of this application is to properly illuminate packaged cases of canned and bottled products so that a robot may properly pick up the item and place it correctly on a pallet.

Setup for Inspection

pick and pack diagram

Illumination: (2) L300-850 [300mm Linear Light 850nm IR - "Connect-A-Light"]
Lights angled at 25 degrees across case, 300mm from edges, and 200mm above platform that the case rests on.
Filter: BP850

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Problem – product variation and palletizing. Products could be 6 or 18 packs. Each pack could be wrapped with any color package with logo or marketing material. So the goal was to illuminate the 6-18 pack so the robot could pick. IR was used to reduce the color issue as color could cause low contrast. It was important to test with the lights pointing at different angles. We found that low angle lighting provided the best results and two lights were used to achieve the desired illumination level.

Application Images

properly illuminate packaged cases
properly illuminate packaged cases and place on pallets