Inspect for Bead is Present

Inspect for Bead is Present

Description of Application

Inspection of the part to ensure the bead is present.

Diagram for Machine Vision Automotive

Inspection Setup:
Vision system: Cognex Insight 7010
Illumination: (2) S75-470-W Brick Lights
Lens: 6mm Fujinon
Filter: w/ BP470-27
Extras: w/ none
(A) Lens Working Dist: ~ 14.0"
(B) Light Working Dist: ~ 24.0"
(C) Horizontal FOV: ~ 9.5"


This Insight Application uses brightness tools along with pattern tools to ensure the bead is present. Using the EasyBuider programming environment makes the application easy to setup and maintain. The part must be perfectly fixtured for the application to be robust. The bead itself has to be placed repeatedly. If the placement of the bead varies the application will not be robust. The parts finish must remain consistent. Any change in consistency may cause variations in the application results. If measurements of the bead, as well as tracking of the bead is needed a full blown vision system will be needed.

Evaluation conducted by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company.

Application Images

Inspecting if Bead is present