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Smart Vision Lights - Machine Vision Illumination Product Catalog SWIR Lighting for Machine Vision Illumination

Smart Vision Lights Advantages

  • Industry's Only 10 Year Warranty
  • Best prices, quality - made in the U.S.A.
  • Fastest Delivery: Most standard products ship within 3 business days
  • Our in house laboratory ensures that our products meet IEC-62471 safety standards
  • Every SVL light is IEC tested and compliant Eye & Skin safe (CE REQUIRED)
  • Customized light engineering, manufacturing services
  • More than 50 years combined machine vision light experience
  • Free application assistance & loaner products

Lighting the Machine Vision Industry

Smart Vision Lights is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. Our LED lights come with universal internal current-control drivers, offering constant or strobed operation, reduced wiring requirements, and easy installation. All models are tested in our IEC-62471 light safety compliance laboratory, guaranteeing conformity and compliance for your lighting systems, regardless of where they are installed around the globe.


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Multi-Drive™=Constant + OverDrive
Multi-Drive™=Constant + OverDrive in 1 light
Custom lights engineering & manufacturing
Custom Machine Vision Lighting Engineering
Built-in drivers make installation a breeze
Built-in drivers, means no external drivers
Optical-grade silicone lenses
Machine Vision Optical-grade silicone lenses