LLPX-H Diffuse Large Light Panel

LLPX-H Diffuse Large Light Panel

LLPX-H Series of Diffuse Large Light Panel

The LLPX-H Series is Smart Vision Lights second generation of LLP-H light panels that allows for more intensity with the same familiar ease of mounting. With its new optically clear internal light dispersion grid and matte white finished backing plate more light is reflected up and out through the diffusion acrylic. Custom hole placement and two hole size options add to its versatility. The LLPX-H Series new Multi-Drive™ driver allows users to OverDrive this product for that extra burst of intensity or operate it in constant ON.

The Multi-Drive™ controller combines two drives into one with Constant ON operation and OverDrive high-pulse operation. The Multi-Drive™ controller allows the user to run the product in Constant ON operation or pulse/strobe the light at the maximum allowed intensity by simply setting the product parameters. OverDrive operation is five times or more the power vs. constant operation. The built-in Multi-Driver™ also protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure caused by excessive heat by regulating the current delivered to the LEDs and limiting the duty cycle of the light.

Product Details

  • Large LED Light Panel With 30mm Frame Profile
  • Driver Built In – No External Wiring To A Driver
  • M12 Quick Disconnect
  • Edge Lit LED Panel
  • Custom Sizes/Hole Placement Options
  • Continuous Operation or OverDrive Strobe Mode
LLPX-H Series of Large Light Panel

Large Custom Sizes Available • Multiple Hole Options/Placement • Multi-Drive™

CAD Drawings for the LLPX-H Series

All STEP & DXF files saved in a zip folder for easy downloading

Mounting options for the LLPX-H Series

Each LLPX-H Series light panel is constructed using Smart Vision Lights own proprietarily made 30mm black anodized extrusion with 8mm T-Slot.

Drop in T-nuts make for quick and easy mounting or utilize the four corner cubes.

Complete mounting hardware is available upon request.

Wavelength Colors

The LLPX-H Series of Large Light Panels are available in the following wavelength colors.Wavelength options for the LLPX-H series are: WHI, 470, 530 and 625

Product Key

LLPX-H Series of Large Light Panel